MCG Power Solutions

MCG Power Solutions are mission critical software for the energy industry

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MCG Energy’s Integrated Asset Manager (IAM)

MCG’s Integrated Asset Manager (IAM) is a full-featured and easy-to-use trading and scheduling system for your energy software requirements. IAM is flexible, scalable, and integrated with all North American ISOs and RTOs for transaction and asset management, physical scheduling, submissions, and reporting that simplifies market-related activities with a single user interface.

MCG Energy’s Energy Accounting System (EAS)

MCG’s Energy Accounting System (EAS) tracks and manages time series data types and tracks a meter’s data sources to generate an official profile based on the best available data. EAS validates meter data across profiles or intervals to manage data quality issues. The validation engine also provides an interface to the ISO markets for MDMA function.

MCG Energy’s Hosted Data Services (HDS)

Hosted Data Services (HDS) provides a single, easily accessible hosted platform for reporting and data warehousing for all MCG Energy solutions hosted in the SOC2 and NIST SP 800-53 (Moderate) compliant MCG Private Cloud. The HDS front end has full search, filter, report, and display building capability. HDS also has a programmatic API for directly querying the HDS database.

MCG Energy’s Control Area Scheduling (CAS)

MCG Energy Control Area Scheduling (CAS) is a fully featured interchange and transmission scheduling solution integrating MCG Tagging and OASIS interfaces to automatically create, categorize, and track interchange and transmission schedules for reliability entities. Our Transmission Reliability Management software provides multiple levels of checkouts (preschedule, post hour, midnight, after the fact, etc.) for schedules and actuals, calculates and tracks inadvertent, and matches schedules against limits for tag validation and curtailment management.

MCG Energy’s TransBill

TransBill is a complete wholesale power billing and invoicing solution that can bill a wide range of wholesale contracts for both generation and transmission. TransBill facilitates the performance of Open Access Transmission Tariffs (OATTs), Purchase Power Agreements (PPAs), Grandfathered Agreements, ISO Transmission Revenue Shadowing, and much more.