MCG Energy’s Products

A dynamic and natively integrated Energy Software Suite with tools to thrive in wholesale and retail energy markets

Our applications can be used individually or together as a complete energy software solution. Native integration enables MCG Energy applications to communicate with each other out of the box, greatly reducing the cost and risk of integration for a comprehensive solution. MCG Energy maintains its systems and hardware for hosted customers so you can fully focus on your business.

Cloud Security and Native Integration

Native integration of our software means you can add new MCG Energy applications to existing MCG systems at little or no cost to implement. MCG Energy specializes in hosted solutions in our NIST SP 800-53 r4 Mod level compliant Private Cloud, which is included in our annual third-party SOC and NIST auditing. We are now enhancing security and compliance as we prepare for FedRAMP authorization of our hosting facilities and applications.

Integrated with all North American ISOs and RTOs

MCG Energy is preparing for the new EDAM and RTO West markets as well as Markets+, and will be ready the first day they operate. Our current integrations include AESO, CAISO, ERCOT, IESO, ISONE, MISO, NYISO, PJM, SEEM, and SPP.

Our standard Software Assurance guarantee ensures MCG applications are kept up-to-date with market system changes for all customers at no additional charge. This means that changes required to our solutions due to specification changes in e-Tagging, OASIS, or market changes are all included in standard Support & Maintenance at no extra charge.

The MCG Energy Software Suite

Integrated Asset Manager (IAM)

Easy-to-use energy scheduling software system for bid capture, physical scheduling, tagging, ISO market submissions for physicals, financials and asset management, market clearing, real-time scheduling, performance reporting, and settlements.

MCG Energy’s Paragon Energy Risk Manager (ERM)

Fully integrated trading, credit, and market risk management solution for complex, multi-commodity energy companies working with natural gas, power, crude and related products, NGLs, coal, emissions, RECs, gas scheduling, and more.

MCG Energy’s Paragon Credit Risk Manager (CRM)

State-of-the-art technology with a rich feature set for managing credit risk, including counterparty, contract, collateral, exposure management, advanced credit analytics, and credit scoring.

MCG Energy’s Paragon Gas Scheduling System (GSS)

Combines operational and commercial energy data in a user-friendly format that simplifies operations ranging from processing nominations to generating expected cash flows. Uses pipeline transport rates and actualized data to generate invoices and closing statements.

Energy Accounting System (EAS)

Powerful energy accounting tool for managing time-series data, with graphic views of your company’s complete energy system from Generation, to Load, to Ties and more, as well as configurable reports, displays, pivots, and dashboards. Tracks and validates a meter’s multiple data sources to derive the best available value, using a flexible calculation engine that allows conditional statements, multipliers, sign inversion, parenthetical operations, and more.


Flexible platform for TransCo and GenCo businesses that performs OATT, grandfathered transmission, ISO transmission revenue shadowing, as well as ad hoc billing projects tailored to your unique requirements.

MCG Energy’s Versify Workforce

Advances and streamlines the construction and maintenance process in Energy and other industries with safety management tools for the desktop and mobile devices including Permit to Work (PTW), which reduce the administrative burden on staff and enhance compliance and communications in the field and office. Standardized forms and checklists simplify meeting OSHA and HSE safety standards and best practices, and are easy to adjust when requirements change.

MCG Energy’s Versify Outage Management System (OMS)

Integrated workflow solution for managing the entire outage process. Simplifies the complexities of planning, approving, scheduling, submitting, and reporting generator outages. Integration with ISO/RTOs and RCs automates the outage management process across portfolios, with complete 2-way synchronization of tickets for generation and transmission assets. Includes NERC GADS and TADS compliance reporting functionality.

MCG Energy’s Versify Operator Log (OpLog)

Simplifies outage management communication by logging events, activities, and compliance requirements in one flexible and easy to use solution. Allows all of an organization’s facilities, assets, and equipment to share information in a single platform that automates existing manual processes and eliminates errors.

Hosted Data Services (HDS)

Warehouses and archives data from all MCG Energy products in a single platform with full search, filter, report, and display building capability. Includes a programmatic API for performing queries directly against the HDS database, which eliminates production impacts from long-running queries.

Control Area Scheduling (CAS)

Fully featured interchange and transmission scheduling system that integrates MCG Energy Tagging and OASIS interfaces, to automatically create, categorize, and track interchange and transmission schedules for reliability entities.

MCG Energy’s Innotap Data Suite (IDS)

Organizes and displays ISO market and energy industry data from a wide array of sources for analytics and decision support. Works from a desktop user interface and optional, easy to implement high-speed API to provide updates, event monitoring, and alerts for opportunities and risks to your business, with the ability to visualize and report on the decision-making process.

Key Features and Benefits of the MCG Energy Software Suite

Native integration

of all products, which can be used individually or together


can often be performed at little to no cost

Products integrated

with all North American ISOs/RTOs

Offerings rapidly expanding

to meet changing industry and markets

Cloud hosting

in MCG Energy’s SOC and NIST 800-53 r4 Mod level compliant private cloud – and we are now on FedRAMP Marketplace and in process for FedRAMP authorization in 2023

Standard Support and Maintenance

includes Software Assurance, ensuring products are up-to-date with the industry and markets

Single vendor

implementation, hosting, support, and maintenance, which allows you to focus on your business

Best-in-industry software

for energy accounting, trading, scheduling, transmission, and more for the front, middle, and back office