Paragon Risk Solutions

Combine risk management with power and gas trading, scheduling, settlement functionality, and more in a single cost-effective solution

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The Paragon Energy Risk Manager (ERM) and Credit Risk Manager (CRM) are the industry’s best energy trading, credit, and market risk management solutions for complex multi-commodity trading companies. ERM and CRM combine state-of-the-art technology with a rich feature set for managing energy and credit risk that can be used separately or together, with integration to the rest of the MCG Energy Software Suite

Paragon’s applications are developed and maintained by MCG Energy’s industry and credit risk professionals. ERM and CRM provide the comprehensive tools, analytics, and critical information needed by energy companies of all sizes. Paragon software and our experienced and dedicated consulting and support teams ensure you are in control of risk in managing credit in complex and dynamic energy markets.

Paragon Risk Management Solutions

Paragon ERM Risk Management solutions are fully integrated SaaS offerings including trading, scheduling, credit, risk, and settlement functionality. This benefits a broad spectrum of energy market participants, such as electric & gas utilities, energy marketers, pipelines, producers, and refineries.

Energy Risk Manager (ERM)

The Paragon Energy Risk Manager (ERM) is a fully integrated trading, credit, and market risk management solution for complex, multi-commodity energy companies. ERM manages the entire risk management process throughout the transaction life cycle.

Credit Risk Manager (CRM)

The Paragon Credit Risk Manager (CRM) is the best credit risk management solution available. CRM combines state-of-the-art technology with a rich feature set for managing credit risk.

Gas Scheduling System (GSS)

The Paragon Gas Scheduling System (GSS) combines operational and commercial energy data in a user-friendly format for processing nominations to generating expected cash flows, including the generation of invoices and closing statements. GSS provides timely pipeline positions and interacts with the trader’s Gas Position board, while managing gas nominations for day-ahead and intra-day scheduling.