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Versify Solutions

OMS SaaS by VersifyVersify is a leading developer of Outage Management System (OMS) and Operator Logging (OpLog) solutions, provided as Software as a Service (SaaS). Our OMS SaaS provides advanced data analytics and workflow software for energy outage management, operator logging, and compliance that improve the operational and financial performance of generation and transmission assets.

Versify OMS SaaS

Versify OMS and OpLog software feature a unique workflow-enabled architecture for managing complex outage management, control room operations, and switching processes within generation, transmission, and distribution businesses. The integration of MCG Energy’s Software Suite with the Versify platform enables MCG Energy customers to add Versify’s enhanced outage management, workflow, and logging to their existing MCG Energy systems for a complete, end-to-end energy management solution.

Versify Workflow Architecture

Versify OMS and OpLog share a unique workflow architecture that set it apart from the competition, delivering high quality solutions that are easy to use and maintain. Versify leverages a proprietary workflow engine to create and modify forms, reports, alerts, and notifications, making it possible to easily model screens and workflows based on your specific business processes and technical requirements. The solution’s configurable workflows support any type of event or business process that may be captured, eliminating manual processes, spreadsheets, and paper forms. This approach allows MCG Energy to customize the UI without having to develop custom code, reducing the time and expense of implementation, minimizing risk, and providing the flexibility to meet specific and changing needs as they arise while utilizing proven best practices.

Contact Versify

For details about the Versify OMS SaaS and Operator Logging solutions, visit the Versify website and the links product links below. For more information, a demo, or a quote, please contact the MCG Energy Sales Team at 612-376-7757 or the Versify office directly at 800-460-6884. You can also email or MCG Energy‘s Verify office is located at:

Versify Solutions

5 Christy Drive, Suite 108
Chadds Ford, PA 19342