MCG Energy

Versify Operator Logging (OpLog)

OpLog features Versify’s unique workflow enabled architecture that handles complex outage management, control room operations, and switching processes for generation, transmission, and distribution businesses.


MCG Energy’s Versify Operator Log

Versify Operator Log (OpLog) offers a simple and flexible way to log events, activities and compliance requirements into a single tool, simplifying communication across your organization. All of your company’s facilities, assets and equipment can share information using a single platform, while automating existing manual processes and eliminating errors to measurably improve operational efficiency and compliance. MCG’s Hosted Data Services (HDS) product merges data from OpLog and all other MCG software products into one hosted platform for reporting and data warehousing, streamlining control room & facility logging, as well as switching order functionality.

MCG Energy’s Versify Operator Log
Key Features and Benefits

Single Logging Platform

  • Automatic and manual generation of log events
  • Customized fields and event categories
  • Configurable timing, thresholds, and tolerances of alarms and alert notifications
  • Mobile enablement for field operators
  • Operator Rounds, AVR/breaker status, Checklists, Shift Turnover, etc.
  • Switching Orders, Safe Work Permits, Hot Work Permits, Job Safety Analysis, etc.
  • Integration to work management systems
  • Embedded BI for Plant KPI reporting

Advanced Workflow Engine

  • Form, Question & Answer, and Approval Workflows
  • Guided Workflow Engine
  • Integrated Workflow Form Builder
  • Integrated alerts, notifications, and escalation of events
  • Document Upload and/or Link Association