Versify Workforce

MCG’s EHS Software Solution

Workforce is a comprehensive Environmental, Health, and Safety software solution. MCG’s EHS software replaces time-consuming manual systems while combining Process Safety Management software and Control of Work software in one convenient platform. Workforce simplifies and enhances safety management and compliance with digital forms and procedures that are accessible in the field and office.

Workforce is tailored to meet the specific needs of your organization’s unique industrial requirements. Discover the capabilities of MCG’s EHS Software by contacting us today.



Your Process Safety Management Software Solution for Permit to Work & Much More

Leveraging Versify’s advanced web-based desktop and mobile platform, Workforce is an all-in-one solution for EHS management and compliance for all industries. Workforce equips you with many standard digital forms and tools for processes such as Permit to Work (PTW),  Incident Management, Regulatory Compliance, and more.

Workforce is highly configurable, and allows forms and procedures to be tailored to your own business requirements. Forms are routed from the system as needed for review and approval by the proper personnel. Workforce’s electronic forms and instructions are conveniently accessible to all users on tablets and smartphones, making work easier and more efficient while enhancing communication and compliance.

Workforce EHS Software Features

Incident Management
Management of Change (MOC)
Audit/Inspection Management
Permit to Work (PTW)
Risk Management

(JHA/JSA/Hazard Assessments)

Corrective and Preventative Action (CAPA) Management
Lockout/Tagout (LOTO)
Observation Management
Performance Monitoring/KPIs
Regulatory Compliance
Process Automation
Reporting and Analytics

Workforce EHS Compliance Software Benefits

Improves Safety

and ensures consistent reporting and compliance

Offline Capability

for work being done in areas with poor internet connection


throughout the event lifecycle increases Time on Tools

Improves Data Entry

through standardized pick lists, required fields, and system controls

Mobile Work Capability

for front line workers and field technicians


to tailor the application and forms to your process

Streamlines Safety Processes

including approvals, revalidation, relinquishment, transfer and closeout

Standardized Workflows

and forms to meet your business needs

Meets Regulatory Standards

for Environmental, Health, and Safety authorities

Choose MCG’s Versify Workforce for your EHS Software

Upgrade your manual processes to automated workflows with Workforce and enjoy improved EHS compliance, and increased efficiency. Contact MCG Energy’s Sales Team to get started with MCG’s EHS Management Software: Versify Workforce.