MCG Energy Solutions

Since opening in 1995, MCG Energy Solutions has provided software for the everyday business needs of utilities and other entities in the wholesale and retail energy marketplace and is now the fastest-growing provider of hosted energy software solutions. We design and deliver best-in-industry software for energy accounting, trading, scheduling, and transmission, as well as the front, middle, and back office, to enhance the efficiency and productivity of your business. MCG Energy’s customers operate throughout North America and in every market region in the U.S. We are currently expanding into Europe with the Paragon Energy Risk Manager (ERM) and Credit Risk Manager (CRM) solutions. Our team of top technical talent has extensive knowledge and experience in all areas of the energy software industry. The key to our success is developing strong, long-term relationships with customers.


MCG Energy Companies

MCG Energy Solutions

MCG Energy Solutions headquarters are in Minneapolis, MN with regional offices in Vancouver, WA, Houston, TX, and Philadelphia, PA. With the addition of Paragon, Innotap, and Versify to MCG Energy’s family of companies, the MCG Energy Software Suite has grown as a dynamic and natively integrated application line. Contact us today to learn how we can meet your company’s business needs.

Versify Solutions

OMS SaaS by VersifyVersify Solutions is a leading provider of OMS Outage Management and Operator Logging software with a unique workflow architecture for managing complicated outages, control room operations, and switching procedures. Workforce is the latest from Versify, simplifying construction and maintenance in Energy and many other industries with Permit to Work (PTW) and other tools for desktops and mobile devices. Versify’s workflow architecture simplifies complex changes when needed, so your business is always up-to-date with changing markets, industry trends, and best practices with little or no time consuming and costly new development.

Paragon Energy Software

Paragon - MCG Energy SolutionsThe Paragon Energy Risk Manager (ERM) and Credit Risk Manager (CRM) are the industry’s best energy trading, credit, and market risk management solutions for complex multi-commodity trading companies. ERM and CRM combine state-of-the-art technology with a rich feature set for managing energy and credit risk that can be used separately or together, with integration to the rest of the MCG Energy Software Suite. The new Paragon Gas Settlement System (GSS) combines operational and commercial energy data in a user-friendly format for operations ranging from processing nominations to generating expected cash flows, including the generation of invoices and closing statements.


Innotap Energy

Innotap supplies real-time power market data from all North American ISO/RTOs to the terminals of the world’s most influential financial decision-makers. Integrating the visualization, analytics, and decision support tools of Innotap Data Suite (IDS) with the MCG Energy Software Suite provides customers a complete trade execution solution from the front to back office that assists energy and commodity traders to quickly recognize and easily capture opportunities before markets change.