Federal-State Modern Grid Deployment Initiative

White House Power Grid Initiative
On May 28, the White House initiated a program to modernize the American power grid. The program, called the Federal-State Modern Grid Deployment Initiative, has garnered the participation of twenty-one states, along with the federal government and other stakeholders.

Why the Power Grid Needs Modernization

The surge in American manufacturing, proliferation of electric vehicles (EVs), and growth of large datacenters are among the key reasons for modernizing the power grid

Through this undertaking, the Biden-Harris administration “aims to bring together states, federal entities, and power sector stakeholders to help drive grid adaptation quickly and cost-effectively to meet the challenges and opportunities that the power sector faces in the twenty-first century.”

States Participating in the Grid Modernization Initiative

Twenty-one states are participating in this effort. They will identify priorities for expanding grid capacity and for adding modern capabilities to current and new transmission and distribution. Below are the states joining in the grid modernization initiative:
Arizona Kentucky New York
California Maine North Carolina
Colorado Maryland Oregon
Connecticut Massachusetts Pennsylvania
Delaware Michigan Rhode Island
Hawaii New Jersey Washington
Illinois New Mexico Wisconsin

Objectives for Federal-State Modern Grid Deployment Initiative

A government fact sheet on the Federal-State Modern Grid Deployment Initiative indicates these states will focus on:

  • “Meeting the shared challenges and opportunities of increased load growth, a rapidly changing energy landscape, aging infrastructure, and new grid-enhancing technologies — while delivering reliable, clean, and affordable energy to consumers.”
  • “Deploying innovative grid technologies to bolster the capacity of our electric grid and more effectively meet current and future demand, maximize benefits of new and existing transmission infrastructure, increase grid resilience to the growing impacts of climate change, and better protect consumers from variability in energy prices.”

U.S. Climate Alliance and Department of Energy Support for Federal-State Modern Grid Deployment Initiative

The U.S. Climate Alliance is offering policy, technical, and analytical assistance to participants in their state-level efforts to carry out these commitments.

The U.S. Department of Energy’s technical assistance programs will support analysis for stakeholders including utilities, policy makers, regulators, state energy offices.

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