The Best Energy Management Software for 2023

Energy powers our ability to do just about everything. Many people take for granted how easy it is to plug something in and power it on. However, behind the scenes managing and operating energy systems is far more complex. Especially when it means keeping energy flowing to thousands of users.

MCG Energy’s integrated suite of applications can be used separately or together as a comprehensive wholesale and retail energy solution. We make implementation simple yet efficient, and eliminate the need for multiple vendors. Our comprehensive set of applications is what makes MCG’s software the best energy management solution available on the market.

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Wholesale and Retail Energy Providers

MCG Energy’s Control Area Scheduling System (CAS) is a fully featured interchange and transmission scheduling system. Our transmission scheduling system allows MCG customers to effortlessly track interchange and transmission schedules. One benefit of CAS is that it provides automatic schedule creation with configurable rules that determine interface and path assignment. In addition, any CAS user can customize alarms for many events, including checkouts at multiple time periods.

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The Best Energy Trading Software

MCG Energy’s Integrated Asset Manager System (IAM) is a full-featured energy asset management software. Our energy trade scheduling system is easy-to-use and simplifies tasks like bid capture, physical scheduling, and tagging. IAM integration fully supports scheduling and market submissions in all North American regions and markets. Because the system is fully integrated, information needs to only be entered once. After that any adjustments are automatically reflected, making it easy to reach settlement with ISOs and counterparties.

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Risk management is crucial to energy trading. The Paragon Credit Risk Manager (CRM) and Energy Risk Manager (ERM) are natively integrated with the MCG Energy Software Suite. They can be used separately or with MCG’s other applications. Adding ERM and CRM to the MCG Energy Software Suite results in a fully integrated SaaS offering. It provides trading, scheduling, credit, risk, and settlement functionality across a broad spectrum of energy market participants. Paragon customers include electric & gas utilities, energy marketers, pipelines, producers, and refineries.

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2023 Energy Analysis Software

MCG’s Energy Accounting System (EAS) tracks and manages multiple data types in one simple and easy-to-use application, such as load, imbalance, and contract. It simultaneously tracks a meter’s data sources and uses that information to generate an official profile based on all the available data. The EAS energy accounting software then validates this data across intervals to manage quality issues, such as stuck meters or dated values.

The system not only tracks and manages these data series. EAS also enables energy accountants to visualize various calculations by defining multiple levels of roll-up accounts. The system tracks multiple data sources which are used to generate a profile of digestible information about that specific data source or interval. The information provided in these reports can help the system identify suspect values, evaluate incoming data, or apply loss factors.

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Energy Monitoring and Maintenance in 2023

MCG’s Versify Outage Management System (OMS) is our solution to outage management. Our system guides outage tickers from the initial request, to execution of corrective activities with field operators, to resolution. The system streamlines the process for operators by employing Versify’s integrated Operator Logging software, which combines both control room and facility logging capability and order management functionality.

Our system also works in real-time so that incoming data relating to such outages is fully automated and synchronized as you work through the approval and submissions process. MCG’s Versify OMS provides a unique solution for complex management processes that come with outage issues, and aides in the management of finding solutions for such issues.

MCG’s latest Versify offering is Workforce, a safety management system that advances and streamline the construction and maintenance process. Workforces’s forms and checklists include Permit to Work (PTW), and simplify the process of meeting OSHA and HSE safety standards and best practices. Leveraging Versify’s digital logbook, workflow engine, and electronic form builder, users can easily customize Workforce’s templates or create their own digital forms and route them to the proper authorities for review and approval. The platform is available in the office and to field technicians and maintenance crews on tablets and smartphones.

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The Best Energy Accounting, Forecasting and Efficiency Tools

MCG Energy’s Energy Accounting System (EAS) gives our customers the ability to evaluate the relationships and calculations within an organization’s system. This energy trading data analytics application allows users to generate a vast array of reports and charts that assist in both energy management and energy auditing.

EAS accounting software manages tracking and validation of multiple data sources for any specific meter, enabling our customers to prioritize data sources and derive the best available values. Because the system validates meter data across profiles, it’s able to detect a wide variety of data quality issues and lead to optimized and efficient solutions.

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MCG Energy Software Company for Your 2023 Energy Solutions

2023 promises to be an exciting year in the energy industry. As changes continue to manifest themselves in the energy industry, it is essential to have fully integrated energy solutions that will respond to these changes and growth. MCG Energy software is the tool to help you achieve the most success in the coming year. Contact us today to learn how our energy software system can be the right solution for you.