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Versify – an MCG Energy Solutions company – is the leading developer of Outage Management System (OMS), Operator Logging (OpLog), and Workforce applications. All are offered as Software as a Service (SaaS) in MCG Energy’s NIST SP 800-53 r4 Mod level compliant Private Cloud. All Versify applications utilize Versify’s unique workflow enabled architecture making many changes to the system possible without new development. Versify’s workflow architecture reduces cost and risk when your requirements change.

MCG Energy’s Versify power Outage Management System (OMS) is designed to manage outage tickets across their entire lifecycle. Versify has you covered from the initial request through approval, execution, and coordination with field operators and ISO/RTO markets.

Versify aims to always provide users with a seamless experience. We are constantly creating and releasing new features to ensure our users get the most from OMS. At the 2022 MCG Energy Virtual Users Conference, Versify Product Manager Dave Ippolito highlighted new features and functionality in the 2022 OMS releases, OMS v7.1, v7.2, and v7.3.

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New in Outage Management System (OMS) v7.1

Advanced Workflow Actions

MCG Energy has continued to add new features to Versify’s advanced workflow engine. These changes allow customers to build dynamic screens and workflows without custom coding. New features include:

  • Ability to trigger a workflow status change.
  • Automatically set an event’s start/end time (useful for tracking shift changes, station entry/exit, etc.).
  • Enable or disable other fields within a workflow to create dynamic screens that walk operators through complex processes.
  • Set any field as required or not required based on user response.

New User Profile Functionality

We continue to increase our robust security and user administration capabilities. These ensure and simplify the highest security in account management:

  • We’ve added a new Profile account type to manage permissions and asset security. Any user may be added to the profile, so account permissions are manage in one place.
  • Any changes to a profile account are automatically propagated to all users to simplify changes and eliminate any errors.

If you require assistance updating to the latest version of our outage management system, please contact our support team.

Changes in OMS v7.2

Alternate ID’s and Filters

Customers can configure new Alternate ID’s. These are smart identifiers for outages and procedures based on asset, workflow, month, and year:

  • Smart ID’s aid in intelligently tracking outage events and procedures.
  • System filters now allow users to quickly find any event in the system using smart Alternate ID’s as well as traditional numeric ticket ID’s.

Option to Show/Hide Attachments

Some workflows may require attached documents while others do not. Now customers can configure the attachment feature on or off for any given workflow:

  • Simplifies screens and workflows when attachments/linked documents do not apply.
  • Avoids confusion when many attachments have been added by various parties.

MCG Energy is always looking for ways to improve and provide the best user-experience. If you have any suggestions for the next update, please email us!

OMS v7.3 Updates

Multi Select Drop Down

MCG Energy has added a new workflow control for customers who need to select multiple items from a list:

  • Especially helpful when building workflows with long lists where checkboxes have been traditionally used. The Multi Select drop down saves space and is much easier to read.
  • Also especially helpful for lists like CAISO’s primary/secondary cause codes.

Learn more about California Independent System Operator (CAISO)

Task List Control

Tracking tasks associated with any outage or event has been made easier than ever with new configurable task list workflow control:

  • Configure standardized tasks that are automatically associated with any type of outage.
  • Add additional tasks as needed.
  • Track completion of tasks as they occur with a single click.
  • Easily track number of tasks remaining through visual indicators.

Multi-Select Contact Control Enhancements

MCG Energy has enhanced the contact control with the ability to select multiple contacts based on configurable types:

  • Unlimited contacts can be added and configured.
  • Any type of contact can be defined (requestor, outage contact, field contact or others).
  • All in all, provides an easier and more functional way to show contacts.

New Reporting Engine

MCG Energy has replaced standard reporting with a new reporting engine to provide additional capabilities:

  • Security roles may be directly integrated into reports with new menu configuration.
  • Improved paging, printing headers, etc.
  • Multiple export capabilities including PDF, Excel, RTF…

Log Bulk Update

Log entries are now faster than ever through new bulk update capabilities:

  • Users may select multiple log entries for bulk update and update any common field across the selection.

MCG Energy Software Suite Solutions

While Versify solutions can be used individually, native integration allows customers to easily add Versify’s OMS software to other products in the MCG Energy Software Suite for an all-in-one energy software solution, and vice versa.

Call MCG Energy with your energy software needs or questions, for OMS and other Versify software, or a comprehensive solution including other offering from the MCG Energy Software Suite.

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