Transmission Reliability Management Software

MCG’s Control Area Scheduling System (CAS) is a fully featured interchange and transmission scheduling system integrating MCG Tagging and OASIS interfaces to automatically create, categorize, and track interchange and transmission schedules for reliability entities. The system provides multiple levels of checkouts (preschedule, post hour, midnight, after the fact, etc.) for schedules and actuals, calculates and tracks inadvertent, and matches schedules against limits for tag validation and curtailment management.  The system is able to handle multiple wheeling tags, detect skip scheduling, validate tag physical paths, account for horizontal and vertical transmission stacking, and track ramping information for end of hour and mid hour ramp changes. The system also makes use of various types of application interfaces such as EIDE to send and receive schedules and actuals between internal systems.

MCG’s CAS for the EIM module performs a number of critical functions for the California ISO’s Energy Imbalance Market implementation for the BA, and together with our Energy Accounting and TransBill systems, provides a comprehensive solution for scheduling, operating, settling, and billing in the EIM market.

CAS Product Details (PDF)

MCG’s Hosted Data Services (HDS) product merges data from CAS and other MCG software products into one hosted platform for reporting and data warehousing.

MCG Control Area Scheduling (CAS)

Key Features and Benefits

  • Provides automatic schedule creation with a fully configurable rules engine for determining interface and path assignment
  • Allows checkouts at multiple time periods (Pre-schedule, Pre-hour, Post-hour, ATF, etc) and at multiple rollup levels
  • Produces alarms for a variety of events related to tags, schedules, limits, and transfers which can be subscribed to by any user and displayed both visually or audibly
  • Includes a full suite of communication methodologies such as EIDE, Web Services, HTTP, and SFTP