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The 2022 MCG Energy Virtual Users Conference

Annual Energy Conference for MCG Energy

MCG Energy’s 2022 Virtual Users Conference on October 20, 2022, was an ideal opportunity to interact with MCG staff and provide input into product development and the MCG roadmap. This free event enabled current and prospective MCG Energy software users to share feedback and direction on the day-to-day operation and future of MCG applications. The virtual energy conference itinerary included General Sessions, Presentations, Market, and Product User Group sessions. This virtual meeting was a platform for MCG Energy and our guests to meet and learn how other organizations are addressing challenges and the future of the energy industry.

Energy Conference Keynote Speakers

This year’s conference featured the following keynote speakers:

Jim Davidson

Jim Davidson is a resilience expert and motivational speaker. He inspired attendees to overcome challenges at work and in their personal lives. From 36 years as a high-altitude climber and expedition leader, Jim distilled compelling stories and uplifting lessons about how to be resilient and reach high goals.

Jim shared gripping adventures from summiting Mount Everest, surviving earthquakes, and escaping alone from within an 80-foot-deep glacial crevasse. As a business professional for three decades, Jim always reveals practical wisdom in his keynotes about how you can cultivate a resilient mindset, spark resilient teamwork, and amplify resilient leadership.


Carrie BentleyCarrie Bentley is the Co-founder and CEO of Gridwell Consulting. She has spent her career in the energy industry across the ISO/RTO markets. She currently provides analysis and strategic support on ISO topics including transmission, interconnection, capacity, storage assets, and the energy markets.

Gridwell provides strategic and analytical consulting for grid-scale asset development and market participation, interconnection requests, battery energy storage and hybrid modeling, and regulatory advocacy.

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MCG Energy Software Conference Sessions

MCG Energy’s 2022 conference featured the following presentations:

Morning Session

10:00 – 10:30 am     MCG Energy Solutions: Welcome and Updates – Operational Year in Review – Mike Prickett, CEO

10:30 – 11:30 am     Everest Resilience – Overcoming Adversity and Reaching High Goals Jim Davidson

11:30 am – 12:30 pm    The Expected and Unexpected Consequences of California’s 100% Renewable Energy and Zero-Carbon Resources Policy Carrie Bentley

Concurrent Breakout Sessions 12:30 – 3:00 pm

Track One

IAM Roadmap, Product Release, Dashboard Mapping and Year in Review – Jerome Khan, Product Manager with MCG

IAM Settlements, Transaction Fees and Counteryparty Checkout Review, Paragon ERM Integration, Bid to Bill Transaction Fees and Counteryparty Review, and Q&A – Jerome Khan, Product Manager with MCG; Yee Hong Chee, MCG Settlements Lead; Greg Maxfield, Energy Product Analyst Manager – Customer Care; Rob Anklam, MCG Energy Product Analyst

Innotap Energy Data Analytics – Joe Mac Crory, MCG’s Innotap Energy Product Analyst

Track Two

Versify Roadmap, Roundtable – Dave Ippolito, MCG’s Versify OMS and Operator Logging Product Manager

Versify Training – Dave Ippolito, MCG’s Versify OMS and Operator Logging Product Manager

EAS / HDS / CAS Roadmap, Year in Review, Dashboard Mapping and Training – Joshua Beck, MCG’s EAS, TransBill, CAS, RSS, HDS and Innotap Product Manager

Track Three

CRM What’s New, Q & A – Patrick Cromer, MCG CTO; Damon Walker, Paragon Energy Product Analyst

ERM What’s New – Full Gas Scheduling Module Demo– Lori Stephenson, MCG’s Paragon Business Analyst

ERM Q & A – Shawn Burke, MCG’s Paragon Business Analyst; Dayanna Lim, Paragon Energy Product Analyst

MCG Energy’s 2023 Energy Conference

MCG Energy is grateful to our attendees and speakers for making our 2022 Virtual Users Conference a great success! Attendees will have 30 days of unlimited post-event access to our virtual conference platform to continue to view presentations and share content with other users at their companies.

We eagerly prepare for our 2023 energy software conference! Feedback and ideas for future conferences are always appreciated. If you have comments or questions about this event or any of MCG’s products and services, please email