What is the Future of the Energy Industry?

While fossil fuels have been the backbone of the energy economy, green energy is becoming more and more desirable, and many governments are pushing for reducing carbon emissions. New plans are constantly emerging for utilities to produce energy from renewable resources. There are many changes coming to the energy industry causing utility and energy providers to ask what will be needed to be ready. MCG Energy Solutions’ Virtual Users Conference on October 20, 2022, will discuss these and other issues, and how MCG Energy’s systems are evolving to meet the needs of the industry and our customers.

Challenges Facing the Energy Industry

Although the future of energy is certainly bright, the evolution of energy in the near and long term will face some challenges. Some of the most prominent hurdles the industry will have to face include:

  • Increased Energy Demand: The growing number of people and technology has led to an increased energy demand. The challenge will be ensuring that there is a diverse and robust source of energy to meet the need.
  • Increased Hydrogen Demand: Hydrogen demand by maritime, aviation, and road transportation industries is expected to grow. The challenges to meeting this demand include infrastructure and supply chains setup, scaling manufacturing, and obtaining support from governments.
  • Finding Investments Needed to Grow: Energy investments need to grow by 4%, according to McKinsey’s Global Energy Perspective 2022, to meet the changes required of the industry. Coming up with creative ways to fund these projects will be a challenge to the energy industry.
  • Ensuring Renewable Energy is Captured: Many renewable technologies are based in remote areas or are smaller scaled generators, including the battery storage and hybrid modelling initiatives that Gridwell Consulting deals with. Finding ways to harness these utilities so that they can supply energy to a larger grid is a challenge that the energy industry is dealing with and will continue to face in the near future.

Virtual Users Conference – Needs and Solutions

MCG Energy Solutions is proud to serve entities and utilities in the energy industry. We put care into designing software that improves overall performance and effectiveness. We have been tracking the exciting changes coming for the future of the industry, as well as considering the challenges these changes may bring with them. Our products make a difference and we want to show you how. We encourage all to join our 2022 MCG Energy Virtual Users Conference on October 20, 2022. This conference will provide both current and prospective users with a chance to interact with our staff and learn more about our products. During the conference, we’ll cover a variety of topics, including our product roadmap to meet industry changes, product training sessions, our cloud hosting system benefits, and general comments on market updates and readiness. We hope to see you there and look forward to engaging in discussions about the future of the energy industry and how our NIST 800-53 compliant cloud hosting solutions can help facilitate these changes as we continue to move forward.

2022 MCG Energy Virtual Users Conference Schedule

  • MCG Product Roadmap and Evolution to Meet Industry Changes
  • MCG Software Products and Functions
  • Process Efficiencies Leveraging the Multi-Faceted MCG Platform
  • MCG Hosted System Benefits
  • Industry/Market Updates and Readiness
  • Product Training Breakout Sessions

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Leveraging Energy Process Efficiencies

MCG Energy’s software products are specially designed to aid in all aspects of the energy industry. From our scheduling and risk management systems to our accounting and billing systems, we offer a variety of products that facilitate the procurement and delivery of energy. Each of these products is also designed to work together with flawless integration and the capability to adapt and modify with the ever-changing landscape of the energy industry. As new software needs are identified, we continue to build off our existing platforms to provide comprehensive solutions. Our software is also connected to the outside market. We integrate our products with all North American ISOs and RTOs, and any specification changes will continuously be updated while maintaining security of all valuable data. For these reasons, MCG Energy is an excellent choice for taking on the coming energy industry changes.

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