Gas Scheduling Software

The Gas Scheduling System (GSS) module is MCG’s latest offering for MCG’s Paragon Energy Risk Manager (ERM). GSS can be used individually or with ERM’s many other modules, and enables ERM customers to consolidate processes their schedulers use into a single platform. The module merges operational and commercial data in an easily navigated format that streamlines tasks from processing nominations to generating expected cash flows, and uses transport rates captured from the pipeline and actualized data to generate invoices and closing statements.

Paragon GSS Details (PDF)

MCG’s Hosted Data Services (HDS) product merges data from GSS and all other MCG software products into one hosted platform for reporting and data warehousing.

MCG’s Paragon Gas Scheduling System (GSS)

GSS offers ERM customers the benefit of automated gas scheduling functionality in a single platform. It tracks flows from purchase to endpoint, including relationships between pipelines based on transportation contracts. The module’s user defined reporting tools create a wide variety of reports, displays, and charts for managing gas data. It utilizes virtual pooling for price aggregation, and features pipeline integration for the most timely and accurate submissions.

Key Features

  • Capture and tracking of gas purchase, sales, transport and storage transactions
  • Provides timely pipeline positions and interacts with the trader’s Gas Position board
  • Manages gas nominations for day ahead and intra-day scheduling
  • Tools for volume transfer, RT balancing, and asset optimization
  • Tracks cashflow and supports invoicing and financial reporting
  • Performs path/rate queries from transportation agreements and web scraped tariff tables
  • Controls Risk including exposure, MtM, and data integrity
  • Provides compliance support including SOX
  • Pivot style reporting options eliminate manual spreadsheet scheduling

GSS Pipeline Integration

Optional Pipeline Integration allows the submission of nominations directly to pipelines from GSS. GSS eliminates the need for manual entry of pipeline data by automating processes in a single software platform.

Key Features

  • Quick-link access to pipeline EBBs
  • EDI interface for file upload for nomination submission/retrieval of scheduled quantities
  • Increases Scheduler productivity